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As a designer, I find purpose through helping clients reach their full brand potential and helping re-invigorate business owner’s passions for their brands as whole. ‬Nothing makes me happier than hearing a client say‭, ‬”This is just what I had in mind‭‭,‬”‭ ‬or‭ ‬“Wow—I had no idea my brand could look like THIS‭!‬”‭ ‬That’s why I do what I do - to help you feel confident and passionate about your brand as a whole.

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For as long as I can remember‭, ‬I have been obsessed with all things design‭. From my mom having HGTV on 24/7 growing up, to buying makeup based on my favorite packaging and branding, and eventually going off to college to pursue a career in graphic design‭, you could say I’ve always been a design aficionado. During my graphic design career, I've learned how to best solve creative problems for clients and how to form purposeful client partnerships. ‬I’ve worked across multiple industries such as home improvement goods‭, ‬beauty‭, ‬and technology with‭ ‬B2B and B2C experiences in each of those industries‭.‬ My experience in ‬agency‭, ‬in-house, and client-facing roles has prepared me to collaborate with you to create a functional design solution that you’ll feel proud to add to your suite of brand graphics‭.‬

I am so passionate about design because it provides me with an outlet to serve as a creative problem solver. Not only do I have the ability to transform your designs to be more eye-catching, but I can also ensure that your graphics work harder than ever before. I love purpose-based design and believe all good design projects derive from extensive research and thoughtful curations of color‭, ‬type‭, ‬and imagery‭.‬‭ ‬After all, your design projects should do more than just serve as a vehicle for content, they should enhance your content and make people have an emotional reaction towards your brand.​​​​​​​ Let me help you incite this reaction with your brand. 

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My core values


I believe in providing you with work you’ll love and utilize for years to come. That’s why I follow three core values anytime I create a new design: strategy, communication, and functionality.

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My design experience has taught me to look at each project as a design problem that needs to be solved. When a client says things like “I really don’t like my branding,” I want to understand why. Is it really that they don’t like the entire brand? Or do they just not love  how their visuals represent their brand? These are the kinds of questions I will ask to better understand my client and their needs.

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You may have left previous design projects feeling like your voice went unheard throughout the project and ended up with an asset that didn't truly serve your needs. This won’t happen when you work with me. I will have clear, honest communication throughout the entire duration of the project and even afterwards as you implement your new visuals to ensure that you love your end result.

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What good is a template if you can’t use it? How will you know how to create brand assets that are cohesive with your new logo? It’s common for people to leave projects feeling like they don’t have the tools or knowledge to use what they were given. That’s where I come in. When I’m executing a design solution, I make sure that it can be easily accessed and used by my clients, no matter what tools or knowledge they have.

What sets me apart

Beautiful, functional designs created with passion


I have a deep passion for what I do and for the clients I serve. I create beautiful and functional design solutions that not only look good but serve a purpose. Working with me means sitting down and discussing your unique needs and goals. From day one, I form a partnership with my clients that allows for open, honest communication throughout the entire design process. 

My clients are heavily involved in every step of design execution, meaning there won’t be any surprises or unwanted elements in the final design. When you work with me, you will find peace of mind knowing your ideas and feedback are heard and used to help shape your project. When you work with me not only will you walk away with beautiful, functional designs - but you’ll also walk away confident that you can implement those designs and trust that they will serve you for years to come.


From my clients


One evening, I had an impulse to rebrand and reached out to Kayla with my logo idea. The NEXT DAY she had designed several options for me to choose from, all of which aligned with my request. They were better than I dreamed of! A day later, my final drafts were finished and I was able to publish our new brand. Literally 2 days and hit the nail on the head. I will forever recommend Kayla

JACKLYN WILLOUGHBYOwner/CEO, Willow and West Wholesale

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