Art direction and graphic design for

Art of Beauty

Beauty is an exciting industry to design for because of the more editorial look and the colors and textures available to work with. When tasked with assisting in the art direction of a few collections, I was ready to get creative.


The intersection of fashion, art and beauty


I was thrilled to spend time collaborating with this team to craft visuals for several of their collections and lines. Art of Beauty prides themselves on offering clean beauty products that users will fall in love with and feel good about using. Each of their product lines and collection have their own unique look and feel dependent on the product. This created fun many opportunities for outside the box creative ideas.



Stand out from the competition


While there are tons and tons of beauty and cosmetic brands out there, the challenge for this team was always finding ways to stand out from the competition. Their clean beauty promises of course helped in that effort, but we wanted to find a way to get people to choose Zoya over the competition when they’re scrolling through the endless beauty ads on instagram.

Often times our solution to this was bold, immersive and stunning photography. I was happy to direct several photographers throughout my time working with this team on creative directions for each collection. We tried to keep in mind how these images would pan out both in promotional materials and on social media. As it turned out, Instagram users loved these close-up dramatic shots of the products.

Instagram carousel showing pastel nail polish collection
PDF sell sheet for spring nail polish collection
Instagram profile showing holiday nail polish
PDF sell sheet of holiday nail polish collection






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