Logo design for

Kyle Wodarczyk

A unique logo design for a photographer looking to invest in the future of his business. Kyle came to me with a vision in mind and from there we embarked on a collaborative journey to this stunning final result.


Creating an identity for the long-term


Kyle Wodarczyk initially approached me about a logo for his successful photography business. The more we got to talking, the more he expressed interest in planning for the long-term. Kyle is a multi-talented individual with a stunning eye for photography (among many other things). He acknowledged that he loves photography, but that he didn’t want to put himself in a box and have to revisit this logo in a few years if he chooses to explore another venture.

Planning for the future is a crucial part of the logo design process. This isn’t to say that brands should never plan to redo their logo again or rebrand completely—this is just to say that some brands based on ultra-trendy designs may not have as much longevity as a brand that planned for the future. I was so happy to hear that Kyle was already in this mindset and wanted to consider the future of his business and career as I designed his logo.



Custom and timeless


Knowing that Kyle planned to expand his business beyond photography, we agreed early on that keeping “photography” out of the logo would be the best decision. After all, working with Kyle is about so much more than photography. In addition to being a photographer, Kyle is a curator of moments, emotions, and environments and he wanted a logo that conveyed that.

Based on initial discussions, I knew Kyle was really interested in having a hand-drawn feel to his logo. While I presented him with many other options, we always came back to the options that had a humanistic feel. Towards the middle of the project, none of the fonts I had found really embraced Kyle’s personality. Through our discussions, we ended up choosing a font to work with as a base, and then customized the letterforms to be more dramatic, more unique, and more in line with Kyle’s vision for his future.

At the end of this project, I was able to deliver a logo that both my client and I were in love with and that my client was thrilled to show off. This tailored and timeless logo will serve Kyle for years to come, no matter where his business takes him. Check out applications of this logo below, featuring photography by Kyle on his business cards.

Kyle Wodarczyk logo on sign on city building
Business cards for Kyle Wodarczyk
Kyle Wodarczyk logo shared on instagram
Man in photography studio wearing tshirt with Kyle Wodarczyk logo






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