Campaign design for

Velux Sun Tunnel

As a member of the 2018 FORM Intern team at Wray Ward, Velux tasked our team with creating a marketing campaign and creative plan for a product they had not yet figured out how to market—the Sun Tunnel® Skylight.


So you have a product… what now?


Simply put—Velux has been asking homeowners to cut holes in their roofs since 1941. But how would they convince people that these Sun Tunnels®, essentially can lights of sunlight (or moonlight), were worth the investment? The idea of the product was the same as their most well-known product, bringing daylight into homes, but the products were truly meant to serve different purposes and different audiences. With all that in mind, our team of interns was tasked with finding a way to market this product to the masses.



Crafting a marketing campaign to promote the effects of natural daylight


As the Art Director on the team, I immediately had a vision for the Live Lighter campaign once we decided on the message we wanted to convey. The concept was all about living lighter, so it made sense to employ large amounts of whitespace and light, airy colors. One of the overarching principles that also came to mind was to use circles as a building block in our creative plan as a reference to the circular shape of the VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight product.

Our team was able to successfully implement our concept through an array of print ads to be featured in multiple home improvement magazines. We combined product images with lifestyle images to create a full picture of how the product could improve user’s everyday lives.We also chose to implement this campaign through social media. Instagram and Pinterest are both cluttered with rectangular images. Continuing our circular motif here not only allowed us to easily create a sense of continuity throughout our campaign, but it also provided us with an easy way to grab people’s attention as they were scrolling through their feeds.

Instagram posts created for Velux Live Lighter campaign
Concepts for Live Lighter campaign print ads shown in a magazine
People interacting with Pinterest pin on mobile device
Moodboard for Velux Live Lighter campaign






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