Podcast cover art design for

Sass & Sage

Illustrated cover art concept for a podcast about all things marketing.


Searching for cover art with a custom feel


Of course when I heard my friends were starting a marketing podcast I wanted to try my hand at podcast cover art. We started by coming up with a unique name that embraced what each of them had to offer. When it came down to it, we decided that they would deliver sage marketing advice with a bit of sass in the mix (naturally). With a name that awesome, I wanted to create some options that would be unique and stand out from other cover art.



Clean and simple digital illustration


After much back and forth, the best option for the Sass & Sage cover art ended up being something that was neutral and would not limit the future of the podcast in terms of topics, hosts, etc. I was thrilled to work on a digital illustration for this cover art. That podcast microphone paired with simple text allows for quick recognition by listeners and leaves room for the podcast to grow in the future.

Mockup of Sass & Sage cover art on iPhone






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