Article design for

The Bluff Magazine

The Bluff is an award winning magazine offering a glimpse inside the lives of those living in the Lowcountry. Each issue consists of carefully curated stories that are each enriched with photography and design to help tell the story. I had the pleasure of designing multiple articles for the Fall 2018 issue.


Blending styles


Figuring out the theme of each issue of The Bluff is an intensive creative process. Once that theme is settled on, the look for that issue starts to take shape. The challenge for this project was to figure out how to combine the rustic feeling of the theme with the varying unique stories told inside the magazine.



Creating a cohesive magazine out of unique pieces


For being a regional magazine, The Bluff is a rather lengthy magazine. Maintaining the same exact design and setup for all 90 or so pages would become boring for readers. At the same time, having 20 different design styles in one magazine can quickly turn into too much. The solution here really all came down to art direction. While the 3 articles I worked on had their own styles, they all played into the general visual theme of southern hospitality and life in the Lowcountry. Each article was successfully laid out and was supplemented by the design elements used to highlight the article.

Opening spread of Mary Whyte article in The Bluff magazine
Interior spread of Mary Whyte article in The Bluff
Retail Therapy article in The Bluff magazine






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